Cats and mice… I can haz cheeze?

Posted: January 29, 2012 in INFR 2330
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Update: I will try to get pictures of the actual game prototype being made later on, when it’s created. 

Goals and Objectives

The objective of the game is for the mice players to bring back the bits of cheese to their hole, while the cat players’ objective is to catch the mice players. The first team to reach a set amount (i.e 3 pieces of cheese, or 3 mice “kills) wins. This game is meant for an even number of players such as 2,4,6 etc.

Love me some cheese. Who doesn’t like cheese? You don’t? Get out 🙂 

Game Mechanics/Dynamics

The game will involve a mixture of collection and predator/play style mechanics and dynamics. The mice players in the game will be playing with a collection based mechanic, where they must go to patches on the board that contain cheese, picking it up and heading back to their holes to successfully gain a point for choose. While on the other team, the cats, their objective is to hunt down their prey, which are the mice players. Cat players will be predators on the gameboard trying to catch up to the mice and capturing/killing the mice players.

Catch those pesky mice!!! Trying to get all my cheese. 

Player Conflict

The game is based around team based competition. There will be physical conflict between the player pieces on the board, where mice players are trying to avoid conflict with the cats, while cats are trying to catch the mice pieces on the board.

No, sadly mice will not be able to attack/capture the cats. 

Rules and Mechanics:

Here are the rules and mechanics of the game so far:


The board for the game will have a “squiggly path” layout over the board. There will be several routes, where there will be forks and loops for several path choices. Players will be able to choose directions to head, while number of tiles to travel will be based on dice rolls.

The board will have more paths/be bigger. But I just wanted to give you an idea on what I meant by “squiggly board.” 

Cats will start on the designated starting box on the board, while Mice will start at their designated starting tile, also known as their home/mouse hole. Mice players get to roll first, while cat players must wait 2 turns before they can start to roll.


The mice players will receive a bonus 2 rolls at the start before cat players can join in and start moving.

 Gameplay for the mice:

The objective is to located the cheese pieces scattered along the board. A mouse player must land on a tile with a cheese piece to collect the cheese. After collection, the mouse player must head back to their hole in a path of their choice. Once they are safely returned home, they will be awarded 1 point for the cheese count. Once the total cheese count returned back to their hole reaches the agreed upon amount to win, the mice team wins (Ex. goal 3 pieces of cheese per player, 3 players, total of 9 pieces, can be achieved through teamwork and not strictly 3 pieces from each player).

 Gameplay for the cats:

After the mice players have finished their first 2 rolls of the dice, the cat players can start moving out of their starting boxes. The cats can choose any direction they wish to go and they must chase the mouse players. Goal of the cats will be to land on top of a mouse player. Cats do not need to finish landing on a tile with a mouse, if the cat passes over a tile while moving with a mouse on that tile, the mouse will be sent back to their starting position. In essence, mice will respawn.

Mice will have a respawn penalty of 1 missed turn.


First team to reach 3 points per player (or another number that was agreed upon) will win the game. Cats will get points for each mouse capture, mice will get points for each cheese capture.

Other gameplay concepts/rules:

The game board will have certain tiles that say “Cat Item Card” or will be colored to be identified as that. This will allow the player that lands on these tiles to draw a card from the Cat Item Card pile, where it will have a specific even/item such as “Move to closest mouse, 5 tiles away from the mouse in a direction the mouse player specifies.” The same will be for the mice players, where a card may say “Go to the closest cheese piece.” to speed the game up and to give boosts to players.

There will be a radius near the mice spawning box, where cats will not be allowed to enter. This will prevent any camping-style gameplay.

Can’t be a cherry picker, earn those points! 

  1. jayp0r91 says:

    kk. there are “Mouse Holes” Where your enter by rolling a specific number and exit at a location via another nother number.
    1. Enter with #>8 , Exit here when you roll a 1 or 12.
    2. Enter with 1,3,6,9,12 , Exit with 2, 4, 8, 10
    3. Enter with #<8 , Exit here with 8 or 9
    4. Enter with #5 , Exit here with 7 or 11
    8. Enter with odd , Exit with 1,2,3 or 4
    9. Enter with even , Exit with 5, 6, 7, or 8
    10. Enter with even , Exit with 9, 10, 11, or 12

    There are also orange paths where only mice can go.
    There are Purple paths where cats can go but have to make up a total number.
    For example, if one section says 3, then you need to minus 3 off your roll. If you have MORE than three, then you can move to the next space after and continue.
    If you don’t have enough roll points left, then you have to stay on that spot. But you don’t have to complete the roll by your next turn.

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