War, Spies, and Briefcases.

Posted: January 29, 2012 in INFR 2330
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Update: Pictures of the physical prototype will be added later, after it is made/completed. 

When people think of war, or even World War II, they often think of gunshots, rifles, machine guns, dogfights and anything that makes a bang. There is also another side to the war where the objective was to be as quiet as possible pretty much. And this is what brings us to the espionage based events of WWII mainly between the US and the Soviets. This espionage activity was mostly due to the nuclear arms race and the soviets were trying to get information on the US’s infamous Manhattan Project. Likewise the US tried to gain information on its enemies and their nuclear arms/plans as well.

This leads us to the theme of our board game. Players will try to collect intelligence placed in briefcases from the opposing team.

There will be no violence/death in this WWII game!


Each team will have a total of 3 briefcases which contain intel from each country. Players will try to collect the enemy team’s intel and head back to their base with it. First team to get all 3 briefcases will win.

Game Mechanics and Dynamics

This game uses a similar Collection dynamic that was used in my previous post of Cats and Mice. Players will use the collection dynamic to pick up suitcases and bring them back to their Headquarters (starting box of each team). In a way this will also include a race to the finish dynamic, as players want to reach the other side of the board to receive a briefcase before an enemy reaches their briefcases.

Yes we will be using the cliche briefcase full of Top Secret information. Similar to getting enemy intel from Team Fortress. 

Player Conflict

The game will also be a team based competition between the US team and Soviet team. The players will be travelling across the board trying to reach the other side. There will be conflict between the players if a player moves across a tile with an enemy player on it. This will break out into a sequence of a “War” type scenario with cards or dice, more on that later.

Kind of reminds me of Spy vs. Spy. Anyone else remember that? The good old days. 

Rules and Mechanics:


There will be 3 briefcases on each side on the board, which is divided in 2 with one being a US area, and the other is Soviet area. Players will put their pieces on the starting tile for their respective teams. Try to keep it even, with 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, etc. Teams will choose one person from each side to do the starting roll with the dice, highest number means that team gets to go first. The sequence of players will be all players of one team will roll, then the other team’s players can roll. It will not be US player rolls, Soviet player rolls, US player rolls etc. It will be a team based sequence (Ex. US player 1 rolls, US player 2 rolls, Soviet player 1 rolls, Soviet player 2 rolls).


Players will have their usual dice rolls to move the number of tiles represented on the dice. There will be alternate paths along the board, some with forks. Direction to take on a fork will result in a deciding action, such as rolling a dice, even number goes left, odd number goes right on the fork. This type of movement will only occur when players are on enemy tiles. So if a Soviet player reaches a fork in the path while on US soil, they must let the dice decide the path they take. While if a Soviet player is on their own turf, they can choose which direction to take.

Players will reach enemy briefcases, and must return back to their base with the briefcase.

What happens if I cross an enemy player?

Good question. You will break out into a “War” sequence. It will be a best 2/3 situation with dice rolls, where players must roll a higher number than the other player. Losing player will be sent back to their starting tile (they didn’t die! They just got sent back to HQ due to.. injuries).

If the player that lost is holding a briefcase, the briefcase will be dropped onto that tile where they once stood. If the briefcase belongs to your team, a player can go by, pick it up, and return it to HQ. While if it is an enemy briefcase, you can go retrieve it and bring it back to your HQ.

Some tiles will contain “Event Cards” which will affect the player drawing a card. Cards will pertain to the WW2 theme, such as “Your pen gun misfired into you food, you have been slowed. Next 2 turns -2 from your movement rolls.” There can also be beneficial cards such as “You’ve received false identity documents for your enemy team’s country. Going through enemy checkpoints just got a whole lot easier. +1 to all your dice roll in their territory.”

What? I’m totally a real officer for your army…


First team to get all enemy briefcases back to their HQ will win the game! Success, all their nuclear planned goodness is yours!


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