PlayStation Vita: Brief Overview for Graphics

Posted: February 19, 2012 in INFR 2350
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So with the approaching release date of the regular PS Vita on February 22nd 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to write a rough summary on the new handheld. I received my First Edition already and have been playing with it since February 15th last week and so far, it’s given a good impression on the graphics and what to expect on a handheld in the months to come.

Isn’t it just an updated PSP with an extra analog stick?

Nope. This little handheld is an entirely new beast. It features a 4c core ARM cortex-A9 for its CPU (Sony always likes shoving multiple cores in their platforms it seems), an SGX543MP4+ GPU, 512MB or RAM and 128MB of VRAM. There’s more memory overall in this little thing than the PS3! This should give you a brief idea on how much potential for graphics there is for this portable console. But let’s talk more about its graphics.

The GPU:

The GPU that is featured in the PSP Vita is a SGX543MP4+ GPU. Sure it sounds really technical from all the letters and numbers, but it is a GPU made by PowerVR (formerly VideoLogic). So no, Nvidia and ATI are not a part of this handheld. The GPU is a part of the company’s series 5XT and has 4 cores. This GPU can handle up to 7.2 GFLOPS @ 200MHz per core. This is a huge improvement from the last generation handheld, the PSP. The PSP featured a GPU with only 2MB or VRAM versus the 128MB on the Vita.

Though there isn’t really a lot of information listed about the PSP’s GPU to compare to the Vita’s, the PSP’s CPU processed up to 2.6 GFLOPS, way less than the Vita.

So is it like a PS3 like everyone’s saying?

The PS3 is still capable of creating larger and better games nowadays since developers have gotten used to the hardware, finding better and more efficient ways to make games look good. Though for a handheld, the Vita is doing very well graphics wise with some games comparable to the PS3’s. Though with the Vita’s hardware still new to developers, there hasn’t been a lot of time for new ways to create good looking games on this handheld to come up.

But even the launch titles on the Vita look fantastic.

Modnation Racers on the PS3

Modnation Racers on the Vita

Little Big Planet Demo on the Vita


The graphics on this handheld look great, even on the title launches. If you look at the PSPs launch titles, the graphics looked a bit crummy compared to the PSP games released today. When developers start finding new and better ways to make games look good on this little handheld, you can expect some pretty fantastic graphics.

  1. The pictures are so tiny! 😦

  2. gamedevpanda says:

    I will get some full res screen shots on another post for you. Don’t you worry. I’ll probably write about this little gadget and my impressions of it for a while.

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