Fruit Trails!

Posted: March 11, 2012 in INFR 2330
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Today we will be talking about the fruits in Canada and when they are in season. This will help us learn what local fruits are being grown depending on the time of the year. It’s very important to know so you can get the freshest local fruit, rather than fruit and vegetables grown elsewhere and shipped over. Fresh fruit is better than shipped fruit!

Using this information I will be creating a boardgame to help illustrate what fruits are in season.

First let’s do a bit of research.

A lot of fruits and produce are grown here in Ontario throughout the Green Belt. Ontario has very rich soils for growing fruits and vegetables. A good guide on the available fruits and vegetables throughout the year can be found on the following websites:

But since we’ll be talking about all of Canada, different provinces will have different produce available. Here are some sites that illustrate seasonal fruits and vegetables:

That’s a lot of produce!!! But onto the educational game about the lovely produce Ontario makes! (Yes I am using Ontario since I’m from there.) The game will be based on fruits since I am more of a fan of fruits and together with vegetables the available fruits are simply too much! So here is a chart with the fruits that will be used in the game:

So what is the game?

The game will involve a long path with tiles along the way. Each tile will represent an empty supermarket. Certain parts of the board will be categorized for different months. So the board will have a start, finish, and be divided into 12 different sections. The sections will be different colored tiles for the path. This will be the gameboard.

Rough markup of the board and sections

Players will shuffled a deck of cards and deal out the entire deck. The deck will contain certain fruits on them, with information on the months they are available. Players will all start at the beginning of the board and take turn rolling a die. All players should have equal number of cards along with markers that correspond to their player color. Here is an example of what it can look like.

Strawberry card and player markers

The goal of the game is for players to travel along the board, whenever they reach a certain tile, they need to find a card that can be discarded for that supermarket depending on the season. If the player has a fruit he can fill the supermarket with, he will place his card in the discard pile and put a marker on the tile to signify the supermarket has been filled.

The goal of the game is to reach the end and to have delivered the most fruit (least number of cards).

Brief overview of rules and gameplay:

Goal: Get to the end with the least number of cards

Conditions: Players take turns rolling a dice, players can only travel forwards (time can’t go backwards!), players can only place down fruits that are in season, once a supermarket is filled (tile), no other fruits can be put into it.

Now go learn and eat some fruit!!!


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