Video Game Cloning: A Major Issue?

Posted: March 18, 2012 in INFR 2330
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Designing a game is a lot of work. Putting in the time and effort to figure out the proper mechanics and dynamics in games takes up a lot of time for developers. They need to find what works and what doesn’t work together, and after that figuring out the aesthetics of the game as well.

All in all, the design and creation of a game is a very difficult task, especially if you want a successful game that is a hit with consumers.

An arising issue for independent game developers are cloning of games. Simply put, people are blatantly ripping off games from small developers and cashing in on other people’s ideas. I know that some people say ideas are worthless, it’s about how you execute the idea that is important. But what if somebody steals your idea and your execution of your idea, now that’s a problem.

Small developers do not have access to the resources large developers have to go through the justice system of suing clones.

A recent issue is a clone of the game “One and One Story” from a flash developer, being blatantly ripped off by an Vietnamese developer who has released the game on the iTunes app store without consent of the original developers. They have simply re branded the name, despite the game being a clear clone.

One and One Story was recently a finalist in the IGF (Independent Games Festival).

It seems like a lot of shady developers are targeting small developers, ripping their games off and trying to earn a profit from it. Cloning and theft of these games are easy to do sadly, but solving the problem is a whole new issue.

Another example is the recent “Pokemon Yellow” app on the iTunes store, which I believe has been pulled, which claimed to be a emulated version of the famous Pokemon Yellow game. The only problem is that it was not published by Nintendo or any licensed developer. Nor did the game work! It was another stolen idea, in an attempt to make a profit. Bogus Pokémon Yellow Game Is Now Number Two on the Apple App Store


Do some developers no longer have any honesty or creativity? I know some people may take advantage of using other game’s new mechanics, but a blatant copy is unacceptable. There needs to be better ways for independent developers to protect their games. Or rather, a better way to prevent people from copying a developer’s game entirely.

To the copying developers, get your own material!!!


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