Who Are You?: Homework 7

Posted: March 25, 2012 in INFR 2330
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Part 1:

1. Time period: 1236

2. What is your name? Gender? Race? Religion? Age?

“My name is Nicolleta Masury. I am a woman, human, Catholic and 26 years old.”

Where were you born? What about your parents—where are they, and are they alive? When you were growing up, did you struggle, and if so, in what way?

“I was born in northern France. My parents were once rulers of a small kingdom. They are no longer alive, and from what I remember they were murdered in a barbaric raid on the kingdom.

My parents left this world when I was young. I was smuggled out of the kingdom through the rear gates and into the forests. From there on I had to learn to raise myself. I grew up hopping on caravans kingdom to kingdom, maturing and learning about life along the way. I never learned what really had happened to my parents or their kingdom, as all I remember is a burning night sky and moving away from it.

Living on the streets gave me a strong sense of what was right and what was wrong. As I grew up, I sought out upholding what I saw as just. I am determined to extinguish all evils in the world so nobody will have to go through the rough childhood I endured.  The world needs more good than evil. I am the light that takes out the darkness.”

What year is it now?

“It is 1236.”

How would someone stereotype you at a glance?

“They would think I am a do-gooder, on a crusade, killing all the oppose the church. Most people who look at me in my armor don’t even realize I am a woman. The evil men I have crossed blades with do not even know they were slain by a woman. Oh, what the looks on their faces would have been if they had known.

People think by dawning a set of armor makes you part of the crusade. I support my own beliefs of what is just and what is not. I put down the people who do no good for this world.”

Do you have a romantic partner? If so, whom?

“No. I am not on a quest for romance, I am on a quest to make the world a better place. Using my time for personal gain and pleasure would not be a selfless thing to do.”

Who is your best friend and what is he/she/it like? How would your friend describe you?

“I lead a lonely path. I do not encounter ‘friends’ as you call it for a sufficient time. I meet the occasional person here or there who offer their aid on my quest, but none have stayed long enough, or rather stayed alive to call a best friend.

The only person close enough to this is a fellow maiden I met a few years back who aided me on a quest to slay a band of thieves and rebels who had torn apart her small village. She dawned her father’s armor, and not even knowing how to swing a sword followed me into battle.

Surprisingly she fared well in the encounter. She survived, getting a few kills under her belt. After purging what once was her home village, she decided she would stay and help rebuild it. That is when we said our farewells and travelled in separate directions.

Her name was Francessca, a brave, young, and just woman who knew what was right and what was wrong. Like me she was determined to make what was wrong, back to right. As for her describing me, she would have described me as a helpful and determined individual. Francessca would say I am a selfless person trying to help those in need and to make things better.”

What is your economic situation? What have you done for work?

“I do not really think about how I am doing financially. I have a fair bit of coin to my name, but all that was acquired on my journey for good. This gold has been taken from evil groups, and when in people are in need I will redistribute this unjust gold back into the world to help those wishing to lead a life of good. I do not use this gold for personal gains and pleasure. I use it to fund and fuel my quest for goodness.

As for the work I look for, I travel to villages and kingdoms, seeking bounties and problems that need to be solved which involve a greater evil.”

Would you steal? How do you feel about lying? Can you be trusted by your friends? Do you have any other  vices?

“I would never take something that belonged to someone. The gold I have acquired is not technically stealing, as there is no longer anyone that owns it. I have killed those who have taken it haha. I also put the gold back into the world, so I see this as just.

I believe I can be trusted by anyone. As long as they do not do any evil deeds, I will not turn my back on them. Any truly good soul can always count on my word and actions.

As for vices, I do not have any, just a strong sense of justice.”

What makes you happy? What makes you sad?

“Happy people make me happy. A functioning village filled with good pure souls and motives are always a mood booster. Sad things would be the death of those good souls that impure souls cause with their havoc.”

What is the one secret that no one must know about you?

“I do not fully believe and support what the Church does. If anybody were to find out, the Church would hunt me down and put a stop on my own quest for goodness in the world. I let the Church do things their way, as long as it does not conflict in what I am doing.”

Are you afraid to die?

“No, death can be a blessing for the corrupt souls in this world. Along with that, death is also a blessing for the good souls that have experience all the bad in the world. If I die, then I am not meant to succeed in making the world a better place. While I am alive I have meaning, if I am to die, then that is what my fate is. I am not doing a good enough job.”

Do you have any phobias?

“I am afraid of losing hope for mankind. The things I see and know that the people on this Earth do has disturbed me. I continue on my journey to try and prevent these horrific things from happening, but sometimes I feel like I am losing hope when I do not see a true and pure soul in some parts of the world.

Life would be nothing without hope. One should always be able to hope for something.”

Are you quick tempered or patient?

“I am patient. I believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard out and understood from their point of view. I will never jump to conclusions as that would not be fair and I would not be able to provide justice to those who do and do not deserve it.”


Nicoletta was born into the kingdom of Fraun on a summer’s night in Northern France. She was raised and cared for in a small peaceful kingdom reigned by her parents. At the young age of 7, invaders overtook her parent’s kingdom, slaying and killing all the civilians and nobles of the kingdom. NIcoletta’s parents immediately set out to smuggle her out of the chaos and havoc through the hay carts at the back of the castle. She was sent into the night’s darkness in a hay filled cart while her parents bought her time. This was the last time she would ever see her parents or their kingdom. From then on, Nicoletta had to make her own path and start a new journey.

The crumble of her childhood and family was the first step to defining who Nicoletta becomes, a maiden of righteousness and justice; the light for every darkness.

As she grew up, she had to learn to raise herself on the streets in poverty. She grew stronger, learning to raise herself and slowly saw all the wrong things that went around her every day. The next milestone in Nicoletta’s journey to become a war maiden was in her early teens. In the streets of a small village, invaders ravaged the buildings and civilians at night. Blood was spurting into the fire lit night sky as the invaders slaughtered the innocent village folk. Nicoletta, who had established a small home in the village decided to take a stand for what was hers and what was right. She picked up a bloodied discarded sword from the earth and awaited in front of her hut for anyone that dared burn her small sanctuary down.

Unknown to Nicoletta, she had been gifted by the Gods to be a natural with any blade. Nimble like the wind and sharp like lightning, she cut down her foes that approached her hut. By daylight, the smoldering village had all but one hut burned down. Bodies were cast around all over the villages ground and around her hut. Nicoletta knew then it was her duty to stand for what she believed was right. This is what set her off on her own quest for justice. To learn who was responsible for her crumbled childhood and to help eliminate the evil on Earth.

Nicoletta is driven by her sense of justice, which can be the downfall for her as she cannot stand for unjust actions or evil souls being free in the world. Although it may not be appropriate for the situation, she will make swift justice with her blade with the offender.

Concept Sketch


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