The Common Uncommon: Homework 7

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1. Construction Worker

2. Jim the Construction Worker was hired to construct buildings for a construction company called Cantebury Construction Ltd. Unknown to Jim, the company cuts costs by using deficient and cheap materials in the construction process. Jim was given a free house as a bonus to work for the company, but while he was at work the house collapsed from the poor materials and killed his family.

The company took no responsibility for the death of his family or the building’s collapse denying all claims that the building used deficient materials in its construction. Jim digs further into how Cantebury Construction really operates and realizes thousands of innocent people are in potential danger of the shady work from the company.

Jim takes it upon himself to steal and modify one of the bulldozers from work and sets out to demolish all buildings owned and constructed by Cantebury Construction; evacuating people from the building first of course.

3. The dynamic of the game is a collection based dynamic. In a way it also incorporates a race to the end dynamic that goes with the collection aspect. The mechanics of the game involve landing on tiles with buildings and “destroying” them to collect points, which is essentially the collection of points. The game board will be a large square path of tiles similar to Monopoly. The race to the end will be to get from the start tile, go around the board and back to the start tile. Along the way there will be event tiles, action tiles, and building tiles. The board will look very similar to Monopoly. Players at the end will compare how many buildings they have managed to destroy and the value of those buildings. Every player piece will be a different colored bulldozer piece.

In the game, players will roll dice to move around the board. The main goal is to land on a tile with a building and roll the needed numbers to destroy the building. Along the way, there are also tiles which allow players to draw action cards or event cards which will contain either beneficial mechanics or disadvantageous mechanics to the game.

I feel that this game feels right using tiles versus cards. A tile based game provides an entire game board and gives players more of a sense of what they are doing. In return from this visualization, it gives players better stimuli for the game along with making the game more interactive.

Non-digital games that have been rethemed are the several editions of Monopoly, Battleship and Risk. They are the same game with a different aesthetic and skin on the games. 

Description of Jim the Construction Worker:

Jim is a fairly average looking fellow. He went through life, not really standing out at anything. Graduated high school near the bottom of his class and went into construction work right after high school. He is a well built man from working construction his whole life. Dark hair, weathered facial features and a coarse body, Jim is a healthy looking middle aged man; although he doesn’t look the brightest. Jim started a family a few years back and has become a very involved family man. He loves his family dearly and is constantly trying to find a better paying construction position to provide for his family. After years of working hard, he had worked his way up the ranks of a company called Cantebury Construction.

Jim was awarded a new contract and salary and Cantebury, and as a bonus was given a house recently built by Cantebury. Unknown to Jim, in recent years Cantebury has been cutting costs by using cheap and deficient building materials for its buildings. One day as Jim is working away from home, the house collapses on his family. Jim arrives home to a pile of rubble with his family buried below.

After this traumatizing moment and the loss of all the important things in his life, he sets out on a mission to get revenge upon the company that killed his family. He seeks out to destroy all properties and buildings owned and made by Cantebury. He goes to work to get a bulldozer which he modifies to be a destroying machine and gets to work immediately.

Jim leaves a path of destruction and rubble as he heads for Cantebury headquarters to seek his family’s vengeance. 


Gameboard Plans. White boards will be properties that can be “destroyed” for collected points. 


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