Chips, Chips, Everywhere

Posted: September 19, 2012 in INFR 3330
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During today’s class, we were once again greeted with a hands on activity to do during class. We were given a game and told to follow the very vague rules written on a sheet of paper. From what I recall, here were the rules written on the sheet:

  • Take a chip from the bag
  • This chip will now be the shooter, and placed on the edge of the table
  • Player will tap the chip
  • If the chip goes off the table, the chip is given to the next player and it is placed in their bag
  • If the chip hits any other chip on the table, those chips are taken by the shooting player and placed in his/her bag

That is mostly what I recall being stated on the sheet, along with certain point values per color of chip. It did not explain much of the goal cards, but I recall it being explained as:

  • Player at the end with most goal cards wins
  • When players receives a goal card, there is a secret goal to do on the back

I thought it was very confusing at first, not knowing exactly how to play the game, but me and my group tried to give it a go and attempted to play this chip game.

Not very enthused faces/confused on what was going on. Derek’s (OwO) face.

As we went along and found things we didn’t know how to do, we kind of just made up our own rules. Eventually Professor Nacke told us that he actually did this on purpose and the rules of the game he gave us were incomplete. He wanted to see us struggle interpret the game ourselves as we went along.

So how did we actually play the game? Well at first we immediately had a discussion about if we were to flick the chip’s overhanging lip or just flick and shoot it. We concluded we needed to shoot the chip horizontally across the table surface since some goal cards involved knocking certain chips off the table. In addition to this we added a few more rules and essentially made the game playable as follows:

  • Place all chips in middle of table
  • Using the chip where there is only one of them, in our case red, player shoots chip at other chips in middle
  • If the red chip hits any of the other chips itself, the player takes those chips and keeps them
  • In the event that the red chip is shot off the table, any collisions along the way are void and do not count
  • The red chip is the given to the next player
  • This process is repeated.

The non red chips are placed in the middle of the table to be shot at.

As for the goal cards, we placed them along the table so everybody could see them. We also started a timer to help enforce the time limit goals.

In the end…

For these goal cards, we changed the fact that you were aiming, as a player, to get as many goal cards. In the end though, we decided to change that “whoever has the most goal cards wins” to whoever completes a secret goal first wins.

Why this change?

We figured that having to get as many goal cards as you could before they ran out would be a challenge since there were several goal cards of different varieties. In addition to this, by playing with this goal in mind, the secret goals weren’t being used effectively as an element in the game. By changing it to whoever could complete a secret goal first, it would make the game more appealing since there would be new elements and advantages provided in the game. For example, the more goal cards you got, it would give you more variety of secret goals to choose from which helped your chances of completing one of them first. If you were lucky, you would get a goal card with an easily completed secret goal.

Overall, we thought this way of using the goal cards was more effective and fun in the game.

And with that, the week is over for Game Design. Looking forward to next week classes and possibly more in class activities! Time flies during these lectures.


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