A Battlefield-Themed ball game? Yes please

Posted: October 8, 2012 in INFR 3330
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I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, always thinking I’ll do it later but then totally forgetting about it and pushing it further and further back. Well I’m going to write my post now about last weeks adventure during my Game Design II class.

For this class, it was a bit different since it was outdoors. We were lucky enough to do an activity which involved the outdoors, versus being crammed in the small classroom during lectures. This already looked promising.

Next we were assigned our activity, which was, as a group we must create a game which involves a large ball, small ball, and a rope circle. The objective of the game had to be:

  • The small ball had to in a rope circle
  • The team must have the large ball in their possession
  • Cannot be a game that already exists to our knowledge
  • Probably some other details that I forgot

In addition to these core rules, we had to add a bit of a Battlefield twist to it. We had to include “classes” from Battlefield, to our game, and overall had to make their inclusion make sense and have a function to the game.

As our team was discussing possible ideas, I thought of the old idea of planting a bomb, and getting intel/codes for the bomb. So I decided to make a ball game out of this idea and here are the rules and setup as follows:

  • The field resembles a soccer field, where it is rectangular, rope circles placed at ends of the field, and there is a half line
  • The rope circles represent the teams’ headquarters
  • The large ball (Intel) is placed on one side of the half line, and the small ball (Bomb) is placed on the opposite side
  • Teams have 2 players each (we only had 5 players, 1 ref, 4 players)
  • Each team will have 2 classes, Support and Assault
  • The goal for a team is to plant the Bomb into the opposing team’s circle and return to their own HQ with the Intel

Sounds easy enough yea? Well this is where the classes come in to give the game a bit more of a twist. Here is what each class entails:

  • Only Assault is allowed to carry and plant the Bomb
  • Only Support is allowed to carry and take the Intel
  • When in the opposing team’s half of the field, you are allowed to double hand tag the enemy
  • When tagged they must drop the Intel/Bomb if in possession and return to HQ to “respawn”
  • Only Assault is allowed to tag Support and Support to tag Assault

These classes and rules actually changed the game up quite a bit, and indeed did make it a lot more interesting. Players were running for their appropriate balls, and while in enemy territory trying to avoid their opposing class in getting tagged.

Here’s some media from the day’s activity below!

Here’s me trying to draw up some plans and rules for the game. There was a lack of table space outside. Jason looks happy.

Getting Jason to read over the rules to make sure it all makes sense so we can play! I’m holding the pen quite aggressively.

Here is the Hello Kitty Intel ball planted in the middle of the field. Must be of some use right? It’s Hello freaking Kitty.

And a video of the game in action!

Note: I do have permission from Mike Antonakes, the original owner of this media and fellow group member, to use it in my blog post.


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