Magic Elves Taking Turns Breaking Rules Chasing Fine Art: Continued

Posted: October 24, 2012 in INFR 3330
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This post is a continuation of my original post of ideas: Magic Elves Taking Turns Breaking Rules Chasing Fine Art: Ideas for a Prototype

Sorry for the delayed post for the update on the board game, but it was presented last week and submitted. Here I will elaborate on the original ideas, with rules and concepts for the game.


The world is in ruins in the medieval era, where nations are battling to take over territory and gain an edge on each other. There is one epic wizard in this land; Merlin. In his possession are ancient art pieces that can give it’s wielder unimaginable powers. Merlin, knowing that the nations would be on the hunt for these artifacts, destroys them into several pieces and goes into hiding.

The nations have already heard of these mystical pieces and are on the search for Merlin to gain the power to take over the other nations. The Humans, Elves, Orcs and Unicorns scour the world in an attempt to find Merlin. Occasionally scouts spot the mystical hermit wizard and the nations race to find him and the art pieces.


Collect all pieces of the ancient artwork before the other players do.



  • Turn-based roll of the dice (higher roll wins)
  • Similar rules to Risk
  • Attacker has 2 dice, defender has 2
  • Dice are picked highest-to-lowest
  • After every roll, the player with the lowest roll will lose 1 unit from their territory
  • First player to lose all units in a territory forfeits the territory
  • If there is an art piece being held by the units, the art piece is dropped and forfeited


  • The last player in the turn cycle will draw a card at the end of the cycle
  • Cards have special characteristics which alter the way the game is played, which can also overwrite some of the major game rules
  • Example: One card changes the boundaries of one nation to encompass others (sublimation), another breaks a bridge between two nations (tsunami), etc.


  • Players must collect the art pieces
  • Art pieces are represented in their own deck of cards
  • At the start of a game, a player draws a card from the “art” deck and that card determines where the first art piece is placed
  • When the first art piece is collected, a player draws from the deck and a new art piece is placed on the board
  • Any units on that space where the art piece is found on are immediately destroyed
  • Players have to collect four pieces to win
  • When a player collects an art piece, the art piece is now considered part of a “unit” and other players can steal this unit by defeating it in battle
  • The art piece unit gains a +1 on their roll, as well as any other units on the same square


  • Capture-The-Flag/Turn-Based board game
  • When crossing continents, you must have a squad containing 5 or more units
  • You can only move your units to adjacent territories (or to any territory connected via a bridge)
  • You must have at least 1 unit on a territory to have it considered yours
  • For every territory you acquire, you can move one more unit (get more movement per turn)
    • Ex: If you own 5 countries at the start of your turn, you can move any unit 5 times


The Board and Cards:



Note: It seems I overwrote deleted the final draft of the write up for the games rules. I also submitted the final draft to my TA when presenting the game. Please excuse me if some of the rules seem confusing as I had to write them from an old document+memory. Thanks!


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