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In the recent week, me and my group have been scrambling to come up with ideas for the assigned prototype. The prototype involves a scripted sequence similar to the scripted beginning of Half Life (on the tram). The scene had to be related to a marriage proposal. It was based on the viral video featuring a live lip dub of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” song. The following video can be found here:

Overview of our final product:

The final product we produced was based on a neighborhood scene. It was a scripted scene, where a car would travel through the neighborhood streets, similar to the viral video, to eventually reach a church at the end. Along the way there are particle effects added to convey a happy celebratory mood. The song we chose for our scene was Foo Fighter’s “Everlong.”

In this blog post, I will be discussing the aspects which I worked on. A full write up on the prototype can be found at the following link:

The write up was written collectively as a group, each person writing about the role they played in the prototype. Please excuse me if it sounds similar, in regards to the parts I contributed.

How I contributed:

My main role for this prototype was to model the setting for the scene. I originally started off with a city scene, thinking it would be a good idea to have the setting for the scene based on the city streets at night time. I also wanted the streets to spell out “Marry Me?” if the camera zoomed out to a top down view. After modelling a city landscape, it was decided it looked too industrial and cluttered and did not match the mood we were trying to convey for the scene.

Thankfully I did not spend too much time on this original scene, so scrapping the scene was not a huge blow, and in addition to building the original scene, it taught me many things on how to model the scene in my vision (motion paths etc.)

In the end, I decided to approach modelling the scene after a small quiet suburb/neighborhood to give the homely, humble and warm feeling we were trying to get the video to convey.

Here is a snippit/preview on a street level of the scene:

I also wanted to have a significant ending when the scripted car would reach the end. Here I added a church at the end of the streets. At this moment, the camera would pan out to give a top down view on the town, to write out the message of “Marry Me?”

 Here is the top down view of the neighborhood.

My main challenge was making the letters/message on such a large scale that the player/viewer would not realize it was actually spelling out the message. I was aiming for them to think that it was just a series of twisty and straight streets. In the end, from the street level view, I don’t think players notice it is actually a large cursive message.

After I created the overall setting and scene, my other team members pooled together their assets such as particle systems, and it was all scripted together/sewn together to create out final product.


Overall, I was very pleased with the scene I created for our prototype. It conveyed the motions through the setting exactly how I wanted to, much better than the industrial/urban mood the original city idea created.

I’m hoping to have a video of the entire scene up soon! Stay tuned.


What on earth is the title about? Well actually, it’s about the next prototype I need to create. Let’s get some ideas down along with some facts to help me think!

What does the prototype I’m going to create need to be about?

Well, the theme of the game is, if you haven’t already guessed: Medieval Fantasy.

Along with that, it needs to be a turn-based strategy game. The mechanic in the game is for players to deliberately break rules of the game, while their objective involves chasing of some sort. Then to top it off and to challenge me more, the major design challenge is to somehow incorporate fine art. Yepp. So to summarize it needs to include:

  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Deliberate rule breaking
  • Chasing
  • Fine Art

Oh! And it needs to use this as the game board:

A world map! With lines across continents, bridges perhaps?

The Game: Current thoughts and ideas

Me and my group tried to think of some ideas last week in class, and from what I remember I will try to summarize the ideas for this prototype in point form.

  • Players will be assigned/choose races which relate to the medieval fantasy theme. This means: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Unicorns, or whatever floats your boat
  • During the game, there will be certain turns where either a dragon or magical wizard appears on a random unoccupied country on the map. Players will want to reach the dragon/wizard because they hold a piece of an ancient artifact/art piece that needs to be recovered. This in theory will involve the chasing aspect with a twist of fine art
  • Art pieces will also give players and their armies certain buffs to help them in battles against other players
  • When players are not chasing art pieces, they will be fighting to expand territory and their armies
  • Players will be able to “duel” other players when they fight for certain countries
  • There will be event cards where certain bridges across continents will be temporarily broken (i.e a tsunami has hit the coast of…) which promote rule breaking, or buffs for player’s armies (i.e there is a rainbow shining on South America, Unicorns recieve +5 attack on dice roll)
  • Players will uncover other art pieces on unoccupied countries/undiscovered space

Overall these are some smashing ideas I think, but they need to be hammered out with actual rules to help the game play be smooth and fun.

Hopefully I will be able to follow up with another blog post once I get working away with concepts with my group members on the prototype. The full prototype will come soon!


Warriors of the night assemble! Rawr.

In the traditional game of hopskotch, there are luck based mechanics and skill based mechanics to play the game. We have applied these two elements into our own simple game that is fun to play and easy to learn!

What is the luck part of our game?

Rolling the dice and receiving a random number between 1-6.

What is the skill part of our game?

Drawing! Draw something that people understand while following the games restrictions and rules.

Combine these two and what is the game?

It is a simple game really. The game involves players rolling a die to determine the number of penstrokes they are allowed. After they will draw a card that will have an object. Using a piece of paper or whiteboard, the player will have to draw the object using the limited number of penstrokes within 60 seconds. Other players will try to guess the object for points. First player to reach 10 points, or another predetermined amount wins!

My whiteboard… or rather pinkboard to draw on

Sample card from the deck of objects. Draw them! 

Okay so how do I play? 

  1. Players will sit in a circle or group together so everybody can see each other.
  2. A deck of cards containing several common objects will be placed face down and shuffled on the table.
  3. Players will all roll the die once to determine who goes first; highest value wins. After that it will commence in a clockwise direction.
  4. Player will roll the die to get a number between 1-6, this will be the number of penstrokes he/she will be allowed to use
  5. Player will draw a card from the top of the deck
  6. Timer for 60 seconds will start immediately after player reads card
  7. Player must draw the object on a board or piece of paper within the time limit and limited to the number of penstrokes allowed
  8. Other players must guess what the object is
  9. If guessed correctly, the player drawing receives 2 points, and the guessing player receives 1 point
  10. First person to 10 points wins!!! (Or any other amount)